Sunday, 31 January 2010

Please do noit ask me how South in the Suburbs went today...

...though one person said it was enjoyable. I was at home, playing Gauntlet on my xbox 360 in order to get 'the reach level 100' achievement. I'm not sure I should be publicising this fact. But then again, Gauntlet is awesome.


  1. Do we do these visits to Oakleigh anymore? Oakleigh crowds have increased dramatically since 2010. Would we be seen to be stepping on Oakleigh Cannons toes?

    1. No, I think we've retreated from that. Tried some stuff more in our local hood. There was the intimation made that we were invading Oakleigh's space, but it wasn't like Oakleigh were doing anything with the fact that they existed in that ultra-Greek space.


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