Friday, 29 January 2010

K-League side Daejeon Citizen to tour New South Wales

Now Daejeon Citizen aren't the hottest ticket in town, even from a K-League point of view - they mostly seem to struggle. Still, as a pre-season opponent, they're a notch above much of what exists here, surely? Anyway, they're touring New South Wales late this month and early next, playing something like five matches over a 2 week period. When I heard about this, I was naturally intrigued - how did this arrangement come about? Well, the answer is, according to one reliable Sydney source (even if he is an Olympic fan), via Football New South Wales. Typical. One federation can manage to bring out a (presumably) quality team for its local sides to have a good hitout against, maybe get a little publicity. While our federation sends our state team on bogus trips to Tianjin, for which they don't even keep track of the scores and the squads. It's great.

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