Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Let's see what's in the news today (flips page)

Canada stalls on trade pact. Ok, here's the 'real' news. Brought to you by me, a 'real' person.

Item! Some grumblebum has convinced Jesse Fink to write of how said grumblebum's painstaking anorak research has been ignored by the FFA. Cue people with no interest whatsoever in the actual details of the research itself using it to score smug political points.

Item! Patrick Kisnorbo's Leeds United has knocked off Manchester United in the FA Cup 3rd Round. Cue the disappearance of smfcboard's Manchester United demographic until someone remembered that one of our own plays for Leeds. Based on this one good performance, he's now being talked up for a certain ticket to South Africa.

Item! Will SBS show the VPL? Unchecked forum guff is suggesting that SBS is considering showing games from the NSWPL and VPL for some reason I can't quite figure out. Cue look out A-League scum mounia FFA this that and other and B-League guff in the wake of this story.

Item! Summer sucks.

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