Sunday, 9 November 2008

Website follies

Those crazy women and their website shenanigans. After earlier in the year getting a new website and ditching the old, cluttered, slow (but nicely ordered) one, then ditching that for a blog, they've gone back to using the original one. Thankfully, I never deleted the link from the side of the page, so access to it is still the same. No RSS feed on it, unlike the blog, which is a shame. Anyway, there were people allegedly working on a website for them - you know who you are - but that hasn't come through yet. Then again, the South official site was also meant to get an overhaul earlier this year, and has only recently been completed apparently. Will it ever be uploaded? Are they waiting for the new season to do it? The current version has been around for years - surely it's about time we moved on, making sure everything else is archived though, naturally.

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