Tuesday, 26 January 2021

2021 memberships now available

The low-key build-up to the 2021 season just kicked up a notch, with the release of the 2021 membership packages.

It's pretty much the same deal as last year, with the notable exception of a $50 renewal option for 2020 financial members.

This is a very sensible decision by the board, even if though the club will take a financial hit from it. It's certainly a good outcome for paid up 2020 members. More importantly, it's an obvious gesture of goodwill to the members from the club, as well as a practical demonstration - hopefully the first of many - that this board does not take South supporters for granted.

At the members forum last month, the cost of membership dues for 2020 members in 2021 was discussed, and the idea thrown up from the floor that the membership for renewing members should be capped at $50, the same as an active life member. The board's representatives on the day weren't exactly thrilled with the idea, but it was a constructive suggestion without malice - and I hope that the fact the suggestion was constructive, and not belligerent, was part of what got this idea over the line.

There'll be people out there who were paid up members in 2020, who will be happy to treat their 2020 dues as a donation, and once again pay the full-rate again this year.  But while it's beyond cliché to reiterate these things, it is true that the club itself is not the only thing that's taken a financial hit from the pandemic. 


  1. Goodwill is the keyword.
    Something that was as rare as hens teeth in the past. Hopefully this is the tip of the iceberg in regards to this. Members deserve it .

  2. Smart result, but I wouldn't rush to say it is "goodwill" from the club. The president went on the club's social media in mid-2020 saying that memberships will be honoured in 2021 rather than offering refunds. Club did not have a lot of wiggle room, and in the end the $50 is a goodwill gesture FROM the membership TO the club.


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