Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Friendly against Port tomorrow

A chance for South fans to see the favourites for the 2013 VPL title on their own turf, in a game that probably won't provide the embarrasment of our meetings over the previous two seasons - we're hopefully saving that up for the season proper. Game is on at 7:30PM tomorrow at Port Melbourne. Be there and be square.

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  1. 2-1 to South.

    And all of a sudden we are looking fantastic again, and no longer bound for relegation.

    Well, not quite. Both sides used a lot of different players. What was good for us was our attacking sense, good tempo, lots of overlaps, lots of crosses etc

    Not so good was the finishing. The first goal was an own goal, and the second followed the hilarious hijinks of Port's substitute goalkeeper, allowing Dimi Hatzimourarits to score.

    We conceded a penalty for what I don't know - Gavalas caught the ball off a corner (!?!?!) and then the ref awarded a penalty to Port.

    Anyway, things could be worse. Mingled with a few Victorian soccer celebrities, got to wear long sleeves for the first time in bloody ages.

    Other highlights? Gavalas falling asleep - like, OMG, literally not being aware of what was going on. Also, ROACHY! Hanging shit on the Port players who got benched.


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