Monday, 18 March 2013

Social club work not progressing

Club must be upfront with its supporters

One of the most anticipated events of this season for our fans was to be the opening of the redeveloped social club. Of course, this redevelopment would not have taken place without the approximately $900,000 grant obtained in our deal with the previous Labor state government to give up exclusive access to Lakeside.

Along with the 40 year lease and the annual stipend guaranteeing a minimum income, the redevelopment was at the cornerstone of the future of the club - a chance to right the wrongs of previous administrations and use our facilities to become self-sufficient.

Earlier this year, at the AGM, the board indicated that it had been in dispute with the current Coalition state government over the funds allocated to the redevelopment. It was said that they were not willing to give the money - the inference being that they were most unpleased with our deal.

It is my understanding that the club has been seeking legal counsel on the matter. However, of equal importance to my mind is that they are open and honest on the matter with the club's supporters.

Yes, there will be a backlash from the usual suspects - but the board may find that they might gain some sympathy and support by displaying some openness rather than pretending that no one will notice. Because come May 11th, the date of our first home game, people will notice. And their reaction then may not be so pleasant.

South of the Border hopes that the club will take the initiative in this matter, and not revert to longstanding past practice of keeping everything to itself.

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  1. It's not the money, or the keeping of secrets, for mine.

    It's the fact we've been without a proper home for so long. Being back at Lakeside last year was a start, but it sure didn't feel like home.


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