Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fire Up For Friendly Action! (and other news)

South finally step out of the cotton wool for pre-season 2013. First up, a friendly against Malvern City this Wednesday, at Lakeside, at 7:30.

There are reports that recent re-re-acquisition Carl Recchia has done his knee. Not good news if true.

Fernando has changed his number from 15 to 8. Dimi Hatzimouratis has taken up Fernando's old number.

Young defender Matko Budimir has been offered a senior contract.

Marinos Gasparis is reportedly in terrific shape.

And 1960s multiple championship player George Papadopoulos has passed away.

I went and watched North Sunshine lose 2-1 to Sunshine George Cross in the first round of the Dockerty Cup at Chaplin Reserve. Kinnie and the last minutes of the match were the highlights.

And today I went and saw the Friendship Cup between Melbourne Croatia and Sydney Croatia. Not much of a game to be honest (even with four goals), but I did get to see Glen Trifiro play more forward passes in this match than he did for the whole of last season.

Also, some schmo got here after looking up 'south melbourne a-league 2013'. Do you know something that we perhaps don't know? Something that would turn everything we think we know about Australian soccer on its head?

Or do you perhaps think that we know something that we're not sharing? Something so ludicrously amazing to do with your query that, if I revealed it on these pages, eyeballs would literally explode?

Well, I don't. But if you know something, please share! We don't care if its ludicrous.


  1. A 7-0 win, and bucket load of chances missed. South much fitter than the opposition. Not much to take out of it apart from that.

  2. Line-Up (First Half) (nicked from smfcboard)

    Sebastian Mattei (on trial), Matthews, Kelly, Tsiaras, Fernando, Holmes, Norton, Byles, Kearney, Gasparis, Renko Van Eeken

    Malliaras, Giannopoulos, Hatzimouratis, Cartanos, Petrevski, Karvelis, Baggio Yousif all came on for most of the second half.

    Did not play:
    Recchia (injury - TBC), Rixon (recovering from surgery to his hip, should be a couple of weeks away), Gavalas, Vlahos, Meredith, Payne, Budimir all tight from training.

  3. Gas looked good. Lukey Byles and Nando look fit, didn`t see the second half


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