Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Friendly against Bergers tonight

Tonight, Lakeside,, 7:30. Even when they get relegated, we just can't get away from them. As usual with the pre-season guff, wrap up will be in the comments section.


  1. 2-0 to South.

    Van Eeken with a penalty, and Norton with a nice solo goal, went through the Bergers' defence like a hot knife through butter.

    Having said that, for the first half hour or so, the Bergers had by far the better of the chances, and were unlucky not to have scored at least a couple of goals in that period.

    Gavalas pulled off some cracking saves, and even more impressively, came out flying to catch a few crosses, putting his body on the line and crashing the pack so to speak.

    South's teamwork looked OK, and there was some tidy footwork from some players. Second half from both teams was fairly meh.

  2. What`s the odds on Altona rolling us on Sat?

  3. Altona game is scheduled for Sunday.

    As for the odds, I haven't seen the game uploaded to the futbol24 site yet, might need to wait until the day of the game.

    Steve from Broady suggests betting on the amount of corners.


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