Monday, 1 October 2012

Two years since The World Game Forum was shut down.

Lest we forget. While the community has regrouped somewhat at Football Anarchy, it'll never be the same as the old two bobber. The following was an example of the heartfelt anguish expressed when news of the forum's death sentence was announced.


Dear SBS

I am afraid your dragonion policy of closing down the TWGF forum is inapt and you are just taking forumites negative coments to seriously.

Some of us have been posting anti Aussie sokkah, anti A league posts for ages, but you should not be offended by them. HTFU.

Freaken, Skip, ECP, Benny Hinn, Chips and all the others are actully doing soccer a favor by showing the negative things about the A legue and posting AFL crowd numbers every week.

Some long time posters like Fronty is only joking when he says I piss on your SBS. donĂ¢€™t you understand jokes?
Havent you got a sence of humour. He is just being humerus FFS.

Please rethink your policy and allow us to continue posting.

If you do not, we will have to take more dragonion measures, which I will outine later.

You cannot behave like this without reaper cushions.

Some of our group have powerful contacts in places like Armenia, Croatia, Phillipines, Calabria and Sunshine. This is not be snuffed at

Waiting your immediate action.

This letter has also been posted to SBS Managing Director, SBS Sports, Les Murray and Admin.

Locked Bag 028
Crows Nest NSW 1585


  1. Only in Straya could bitters hate the game in their own country & wish for it's demise. In one of the most self defeating bile driven pointless onlines campaigns ever the bitters have logged on every day since 2005 to spew bile at Australian football. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

    ARF! 3 Years Tops!

  2. Approaching three years now. Football Anarchy still going strong 8)

  3. Football Anarchy is by far the most 'entertaining' football forum in the country.


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