Sunday, 14 October 2012

NCR debate heating up

Two things to take note of.

Firstly, the club will be hosting a members forum this Wednesday to discuss the social club redevelopment and our engagement with the NCR process. I'm a bit concerned about the crazy rumours that we will creating be a fustal court in our space - what happened to the bistro idea?

As for the  NCR, the board have a lot of work to do in convincing supporters that their approach is the correct one to take. Not that it isn't, or that they can't - I'm waiting to see what their rationale is - but personally attacking concerned members of the club on internet forums isn't the smartest thing to do, especially when you hide behind a veil of anonymity.


  1. I don't think u have to be a rocket scientist to workout what the rationale is!

    Option 1 is to stay a community club and slip into oblivion playing in paddocks! Ie dandy Richmond. Members numbers r declining annually. Good luck in getting more than 20 people to see your side in State 1.

    Option 2 is to play in the APL in a potential B League against other national sides with potential of cracking the A League.

    It's not that hard to work out!!

  2. CRAP - The Only club that has given the NCR some body is none other than smfc

  3. All states federations are in & kicking off 2013,
    except Vic & WA who join in 2014

    If Sth don't get smart and actively involved this time, we'll have the same catastrophe as when we sat on our hands with Aleague inception

    We all though Aleague would not work without us
    APL will also work without VPL clubs
    They are adamant to make these changes
    It's a FFA directive, wake up

  4. NSW just announced its APL clubs for 2012

    Syd Olympiv
    Syd United

    Among others

    In Qld the teams for 2013 are

    Brisbane City Football Club
    Brisbane Strikers
    Central Queensland Football Club
    Far North Queensland Bulls
    Moreton Bay United
    Northern Fury
    Olympic FC
    Palm Beach Sharks
    Queensland Academy of Sport (Over 18s only)
    Redlands United Football Club
    Sunshine Coast Fire
    Western Pride Football Club

    Let's leave SMFC as a Community club in State 1 with Dandening in 2014,!!!

    Wake up fellas

  5. Getting audited at work on Wednesday. Won't be out in time to make the members' forum.

    Any chance of a sneaky report being posted here?

  6. Full Syd club list for APL in 2013, a lot of NSL clubs :)

    Premier League 1 (Elite 1)

    • APIA Leichhardt Tigers

    • Blacktown City

    • Blacktown Spartans

    • Bonnyrigg White Eagles

    • Central Coast

    • Manly United

    • Marconi Stallions

    • Rockdale City Suns

    • South Coast Wolves

    • Sutherland Sharks

    • Sydney Olympic

    • Sydney United 58

  7. Paul, r u going to state a position or are u waiting to see which way the wind blows ?

    Do u support NCR/APL or do u prefer they stay a community club & play in State 1.

  8. Anon, I need more information before making a commitment. I have seen the FFV's presentation, and tomorrow I will get to see South's presentation. However, if I was forced to state a position now, I would be supportive of the changes, for the simple reason that the game and the expectations of the majority of its participants have changed and are changing, and those changes will create an impact with or without a mandated reform process.

    At this stage, I certainly support the club at least engaging in the NCR process. I do not think the club should be guilt tripped into boycotting the process by clubs that have no intention of changing the way they operate. I think there are also other VPL clubs who would be better served by engaging in the process than falling in line behind recalcitrant clubs. As an outsider to their affairs, I think the Melbourne Knights, for example, are making an error by not engaging with the process further, but they may well have their reasons.

    I have reservations and concerns about the academy system we are seeking to implement, as do other supporters, especially since it seems on the face of it to go against previous plans presented to members.

    I think some of the debate internally has resorted to the usual hysterics from both sides, but particularly the 'no' campaign. However, there are also people on the 'no' side who have articulated their concerns in a well thought out manner, and it would be wrong to dismiss their opinions out of hand.

    I am open to the possibility of change, as long as it in the best long term interests of South Melbourne. There were things that I thought were good with the FFV's presentation, such as:

    - Commitment to both men's and women's football.
    - An emphasis on facilities
    - Introduction of a player point squad cap, which I have been a supporter of for some time.

    There were also things that I am concerned about, including:
    - The cost of participating for the club
    - The cost of participating for individuals
    - The apparent difference in opinions of the FFV and South with regards to player costs
    - What I perceived as unrealistic expectations in terms of spectator numbers from the FFV.

    I am also concerned that two of what one may call 'model' clubs for this reform process have apparently pulled out, those being Box Hill United and Ballarat Red Devils. Still, I am going to tomorrow's meeting with what I consider is an open mind, and I hope the discussion that takes place does so in a reasonable manner, without the personal attacks that are never too far away at our meetings.

  9. Very well put Paul

  10. If having to pay around $450 just to trial for U-21's is anything to go by (let alone the three plus thousand that will need to be paid if "lucky enough" to be selected), given the points discount "home-grown" players are supposed to deliver, expect future Hella$$$ teams to be made up of a lot of ex-private school boys from cashed-up families living in posh inner-city bayside homes, who will look to take up playing "soccer" for Central Lakers FC when they miss out on making their school rowing team.

  11. Honestly what is the point in 'engaging with the process', when this process sees clubs having to be under the thumb of the FFV. Lets face it the FFV has killed the game in this state through their incompetence, and now we are meant to blindly follow them into this NCR utopia? How about we get some genuine reform which begins right at the top of football in Victoria, and that is a complete overhaul of the FFV.

  12. The NCR has been proposed by non-footballing people in the FFA.
    The non-footballing people in the FFV, are now pushing it onto the footballing people of victoria.
    I fear our club is being overrun by non-footballing people powered by the almighty dollar.

    A true football person would be against the NCR in that it takes away the 'club' from the words 'football club'. Clubs as we know them will be forced to relinquish years of history for the NCR.

    There is nothing wrong with football in this country. It is the administrators at the FFA/FFV who are wrong. Non-footballing people telling us how the game should be played.

    and yes, anonymous, we are bending over for the FFV.....again.
    i don't hide behind 'anonymous'.

  13. Gents
    Re anyones concern about Smfc fees
    ...$3200 fees for u12 -21 equates to $6.75 an hr...

    With 48 weeks x 10 hrs a week (8 hrs training & 2 hr warm up/match)

    People pay way more for lessons: Tennis, Swimming, Gymnastics, etc etc ( only AFL is heavily subsidised from the top ) .


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