Tuesday, 9 October 2012

SMFC Junior Peter Paganis trials with Panathinakikos

Article from the Wyndham Leader. Thanks to the Kiss of Death for alerting us to this article.

Paganis experiences life as a professional soccer player

WERRIBEE'S Peter Paganis experienced life as an elite soccer player last month.

And the 14-year-old wants to do it all again.

Peter was invited for a two-week trial with the prestigious Panathinaikos Youth Football Academy in Greece and impressed PYA technical director John Samaras, scoring seven goals from as many games.

Discussions are in place for the striker to return later this year and even permanently when he turns 15.

Peter will know if he has earned the green light to return next month, with a three-month all expenses paid trip, including schooling, the carrot on offer.

The MacKillop College student trialled with the PYA last year, representing the Football Star Academy, and scored the tournament-winning goal for his team.

Peter, who plays with South Melbourne Soccer Club and has also earned selection for Central City in the Victorian Champions League, said it was a priceless opportunity.

"I was rapt to be chosen," Peter said.

"Every day we had training and they (coaches) showed us different skills and a different way to use the ball."

Peter's mother, Anna, said his passion for soccer was palpable from a young age.

"Peter was always very serious about soccer," she said.

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  1. And this is one reason soccer is fucked, this kid I'm assuming has played for Hellas most of his life, yet somehow represents some dodgy 'Football Star Academy', plays with South Melbourne SOCCER?! Club and earns selection for Central City in the VCL?
    To an outsider not knowing exactly what that means, it makes South Melbourne look like the place where he spends the least of his time meaning it's the least important where it is actually the other way around. Sick of these media people being trained by FFV in always pumping up some bullshit acadamies or their FAILED CONCEPT of the VCL.


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