Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Under 21s gunning for back to back titles this week

I know when it comes to under 21 leagues and below that we're all supposed to be politically correct and be focusing on the development of the players and not the results, but stuff it.

South's under 21s have worked bloody hard this year, working against player defections and injuries, and occasionally losing a player to the senior squad - both ours and Hobart Olympia's - that it's the result that everyone will be looking at this week.

They currently top the standings on 49 points, one point ahead of Hume City, who play third placed Melbourne Knights in the final week. Only Hume can take the title off South.

Hume have a far superior goal difference to South, so our boys will have to at least match Hume's result in the final round to take the title for the second year in a row. South of the Border wishes them all the best in their pursuit of what would be a well deserved title.

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