Thursday, 4 August 2011

The possibilities are not limitless

I don't usually consult with the Kiss of Death, so I don't know what it is going to write tomorrow about this week's final round of matches, which might be a surprise to those of you who may still think that I am the Kiss of Death.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying, you might well be reading the same thing written in two different ways. Which is tough, because most of you are probably happy to read the same thing written everyday about the footy.

Anyway, at the core of the matter, it's pretty simple. Four of the five finalists have been settled, if not their finishing positions. The one spot left is to be fought out by ourselves and Northcote.

We're two points ahead of them, so a draw to us will be enough for us to make it. Where could we finish if we draw? Well, as high as third, oddly enough, as long as both Heidelberg (Springvale White Eagles, away) and Green Gully (Bentleigh Greens, away) both lose. Unlikely to say the least, so we'd be looking at an elimination final against one of those two sides, most likely away to Green Gully.

And what happens if we win? Well, we could finish as high as first - as long both Heidelberg and Gully don't win, and Oakleigh (Dandenong Thunder, home) and Hume City (Melbourne Knights, away) both lose. Again, heinously unlikely. But all of which illustrates the fact that it's such a tight finish to the end of the season - someone on soccer-forum did the sums, and if results go a certain way - South, Gully, Bergers win, Hume and Oakleigh draw - all five finalists could finish on 43 points! Which would leave us in fifth because our goal difference is so appalling.

More likely, we'll end up third or fourth at best. More likely we'll find a way to make all these calculations redundant. Nick Maxwell's mum reckons I should get on Gianni De Nittis to score on Sunday. I'm no gambler, but it is tempting.

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