Sunday, 14 June 2009

Not happy - South Melbourne 6 Preston 2

Seriously, there were a lot of worrying signs today. Nevermind the scoreboard. We should have been 4-5 up within ten minutes. But we weren't. Our finishing today was disgraceful. At an absolute minimum we should have another 5-6 goals. The way we took the foot off the pedal in the 2nd half as well, was very disappointing. While some of the goals were nice, their quantity in part derived from the fact that we had so many opportunities that we couldn't not score. We saw what poor finishing does when we have less opportunities in the recent game against the Bergers. Fucking hell, just not good enough. And the goals we conceded... heaven's to Betsy, disastrous. Playing the worst team in the league, and they happen to be the first to score twice against us at home this season. Massive improvement needed for next week's game against the Knights.

1 comment:

  1. omg South you totally killed them but what the f was that performance south was the better team. But had lots of good goals that am proud that i actually got 5 goals on cam and going onto youtube, hope we play allot better then today. And hope tommich stops playing for south because he is clearly shit


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