Saturday, 20 June 2009

End of the 84th Minute

Neil Zimmerman (of the Victory in Melbourne blog) has shut up shop in regards to his 84th Minute project, to which I contributed just the one piece despite his gentle nagging - I'd say you can't rush genius, but the reality was the zeitgeist often moved too quickly, and let's face it, most of the ramblings on here don't interest the greater football public... I learned that the hard way in numerous conversations with people on the net, and by the fact that so many of my googled hits on here seem to be from people looking for Melbourne Heart news. Anyway, over to Neil for his explanation.

One story ends, another begins

You may or may not remember but last year I launched a new independent football e-zine called the84thminute with lots of grand plans for it to be the fans’ voice of football. However, with increased pressures at work and scoring a writing gig for FourFourTwo Australia I was unable to give it the full attention that it deserved and thus it has gone neglected and now will longer continue.

It was fun whilst it lasted and I thank all those who contributed articles. Whilst it’s sad to not continue with this project, that sadness is balanced out by the fact that I have started a new architecturally based blog call i don’t wear black. And don’t worry this blog will never go neglected.

Damn shame. Could have been something really good. One less link in the hall of fame then.

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