Friday, 3 October 2008

Hot Knights!

OK, so like a few weeks back I was at Laverton Market, and I happened to be searching through some second hand cds, when I happened upon this.

And it only cost $2! Well of course you have to have a listen. Would it be awesome, or would it totally suck balls? Would it justify all the Frozen Tears bagging by supporter and opposition alike? The lyrics didn't bode well. And after trying to resist for as long as possible, I finally strapped myself in for the ride so to speak. And for mine, it's just awful. Real awful. Some faux-Ricky Martin-lite dancey crap is probably the best explanation I can give. Frozen Tears "South Melbourne" by comparison is sheer genius. And hey, I like our unofficial theme song, but am ready to admit it's not the greatest song of all time. So who's responsible fot his travesty?

Well, quite surprisingly, people a lot more famous than Arthur Akritidis and co. David 'son of Jimmy Barnes' Campbell. Some local cover band guy Zoran Romic. And Brian Canham, yes the Brian Canham, lead singer of Guido Hatzis favourite band Pseudo Echo. How the mighty have fallen. Or not. To listen to the song, head here.


  1. We have been informed that Zoran Romic was also a member of the Chocolate Starfish. I think that will mean more to some readers than it does to me.

  2. Sad news, Zoran Romic lost his battle with cancer on March 31, 2012. We never knew the bloke, and weren't fans of Chocolate Starfish, but he gave me a little bit of unexpected joy because of this song.

    Our sincerest condolences to his friends and family.

  3. The CD cost $10, or $9 for Knights' members

    Bargain then at $2!


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