Monday, 16 June 2008

South step up when it counts - South Melbourne 3 Oakleigh 1

Impressive victory. 2-0 up within 15 minutes. Played with 10 men for majority of the game, and yet still managed to stifle Oakleigh, who created little. Refereeing was fucking crap. Our attacking play was wonderful to watch, as was the rock solid goalkeeping of Tomich. Scored a goal off a short corner. Time to retire them now.

Hamlet Armenian's sealer at the end, courtesy of Cliff. Great to see Hamlet get his first goal at long last.


  1. Have to agree with Paul, it was a pretty impressive performance, although Oakleigh were pretty poor. Didn't understand why De Nittis was substituted instead of say, Caldwell, who was lacking in pace for such a role.
    Was a little worried for my safety at one stage as two sets of opposing supporters traded insults. Maybe they were still pissed off about Greece's performance at Euro 2008. :D

  2. De Nittis was substituted because he was injured.


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