Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Hamlet on the ball; Hellas 3 - Okli 1

Well, sorry for the late post, but here we go. Sunday provided us with a very entertaining match, one of our best all year. Was my first time seeing new signing Tommi Tommich in action, and he is a killer goalkeeper. We hit 1-0 in the first 30-40 seconds, with Zoric getting the final touch to send it in after a missed shot.

Oakleigh had a free kick early in the game, with Damianos sending it just over the bar but Tommich in position anyway. The 2-0 wasn't long after, where we had a ball going into the box, and Fernando was just there to tap it over the keeper.

Cagalj was taken off pretty early in the game; Having started the match with the flu and a bit of a cold, he got to the point of not being able to continue, and was replaced by a second keeper who did fairly well for them.

During the second half, we started to see a stronger Oakleigh who were desperate for at least a point, and after a strong shot by Munoz which was deflected nicely by Tommich, but Drakos got a touch straight after to send it in before Tommich could get up... Just unfortunate that there were hardly any fans to witness it and be behind the goals to cheer for their side.

Towards the end of the match though, in what appeared to be our corner, the referee awarded a throw-in which had alot of us puzzled... And not to mention the bit where we were about to take a corner and we just cop a yellow while our player was getting ready, might upload the video later on.

Then right at the end, after a very hard fought contest between the two sides, Poutakidis hits a nice ball into the box right outside the goals, and right off the bench is Armenian, who taps it in to steer clear of a draw.The end of the match saw the players come and embrace us in celebration, as we are really looking to head up the ladder now. Good luck boys! For some reason the embed code for the ending to the match won't work, here's my work of Hamlet's tap-in anyway...

And the clip of after the game can be found at:

We have a big game this week, where we shall face off against the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, which will see a hard game for both sides. We need to come back from that 0-2 loss earlier in the year, which also saw Fernando miss a penalty sadly. :(

Take it easy y'all!

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  1. To be honest I can't believe that Hamelet scored a goal, it took him 17 rounds to score his first goal, hopfully it's not going to take another 17 weeks to score another one!!!


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