Thursday, 24 January 2019

Take me out to the ball game - South Melbourne 4 Whittlesea Ranges 2

I was not there. I was not there because I was not officially aware that this game was happening. While I assumed something was happening, it'll take more than mere assumptions to get me to commit to something which may not be happening.

Instead I went to the baseball, which was happening, but which the Melbourne Aces perhaps wish had not happened, after they managed more errors (3) than hits (2) in their heavy loss to the Canberra Cavalry.

Anyway, something did happen at Lakeside yesterday, and some people were there to witness it. One of these witnesses said that we were 2-0 down, and that we only made our way back into the game once Ranges started rotating in their secondary players.

The 1959 Bar and/or Grill - aka, the social club - has been roused out of its slumber and announced that it is under new management, and that it will be open on Australia Day - aka, this Saturday. Does this mean that there is a game scheduled game to accompany this opening, or are they just expecting us to turn up for the thrill of being in the social club?

2019 SMFC senior squad roster as of 24/01/2019
Not much has changed here. It's possible that George Howard is actually contracted for 2019, but I don't know for sure. There's also an ex-Melbourne Heart youth player who's trialling with us, who the above mentioned match witness claimed was a massive ball hog.

  • Dean Bereveskos (Bonnyrigg White Eagles) 
  • Ethan Gage (Bentleigh Greens)
  • Kristian Konstantinidis (signed until end of 2019) 
  • Nick Krousoratis (Green Gully)
  • Perry Lambropoulos (Port Melbourne) 
  • Brad Norton (signed until end of 2019) 
  • Kostas Stratomitros (Oakleigh Cannons)
  • Gerrie Sylaidos (Northcote) 
Seen hanging around pre-season training
  • Luke Adams 
  • Manny Aguek 
  • Ben Djiba
  • George Howard 
  • Amir Jashari
  • Giordano Marafioti 
  • Giuseppe Marafioti 
  • Jake Marshall
  • Andrew Mesorouni
  • Leigh Minopoulos 
  • Will Orford
  • Nikola Roganovic
  • Marcus Schroen 
  • Melbourne Heart Ball Hog
Rumours which seem to have gone cold
  • English striker in visa slot 
  • Alastair Bray 
  • Rory Brian (Preston) 
  • Matthew Foschini (Oakleigh) 
  • Josh Hodes (Oakleigh?) 
  • Christos Intzidis (who knows) 
  • Milos Lujic (Oakleigh) 
  • Oliver Minatel (Canada) 
  • Ndumba Makeche (Penang FA) 
  • Tim Mala (North Sunshine)
Unknown / MIA / Assumed dead from 2018
  • Iqi Jawadi 
  • Giorgi Zarbos

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