Thursday, 31 January 2019

2018 AGMs on tonight

A reminder that the 2018 South Melbourne Hellas AGM (6pm) and SMFC AGM (8pm) are on tonight in the social club.


  1. Seems like a LOOONNNGGG Night in store. LOL

    Smoko breaks de rigeur!

  2. Hi Paul

    The following may be a useful list of questions that could be asked at the AGM:

    Social Club
    * What is the current level of outstanding debt on the social club facility? Is the club behind on any repayments to finance/banking institutions?
    *How did the social club perform financially? Did it meet forecasted sales levels?
    *What are the arrangements in place for the new operator of the social club? What is the term of the agreement? Are there any clauses for subsequent renewals?
    *Is the new operator leasing the whole space including the futsal court?
    *Is the arrangement in place one of a monthly lease payment or is there a revenue sharing agreement in place as well?

    Futsal Court
    *Has the operation of the futsal court been deemed as a failure? It is alleged that the club rejected an offer from a futsal operator prior to the launch of the facility? In hindsight, does that decision look as a mistake?
    *Apart from core futsal activities, what is the club doing to attract non-futsal bookings? Is this now the responsibility of the new social club operator?

    *Why have club director loans increased over the last financial year? Is that evidence of cashflow problems?
    *What is the club doing to proactively manage its budgets in order to control the growth of costs but at the same time trying to reduce debt levels?
    *Why has the club not established fundraising activities targeted at reducing debt levels?
    *Has the club increased any overdraft limits to overcome cashflow issues?
    *How has the club structured its funding requirements over the social club redevelopment? Is the loan arrangements on interest only are there repayments to reduce the loan?
    *Has the club moved to reduce employee related expenses to focus on debt reduction ?
    *What are the top 2-3 issues affecting the club financially at the moment ?

    *Does the club have any existing and outstanding liabilities towards Chris Taylor? If yes, how much and what are the arrangements being put in place?
    *Has the football budget increased over the last 3 years?
    *What are the aims of the team this year?

    *What is the current state of our membership? Are member numbers steadily declining?
    *What is the club doing to seek out feedback on how to better package and tailor membership packages?

    *How has merchandise performed over the last 12 months.

  3. Paul - Supplementary AGM questions

    A League
    *How much has the club spent in its attempt to join the A League? Was this self-funded by proposed investors? Was it funded by club directors?
    *Please provide a list of proposed investors in the club's proposed A League bid?
    *What are the key learnings from this latest failed bid ?
    *Will the club focus its efforts on the proposed second division?

    1. I appreciate the suggestions, I'll print them out and take them with me. I just wish I'd been more organised this year.


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