Saturday, 14 January 2017

Trademark changes of heart - Pascoe Vale 2 South Melbourne 6

I said I wasn't going to Wodonga for South's friendlies against Murray United
and Canberra Olympic, but I've had one of my trademark changes of heart,
and I plan to be present for both matches. Yes, I am taking the train up there.
A rainbow lorikeet with a broken wing fell out of a tree and onto the field. It was ushered away from the playing arena by a diligent South fan, and the lorikeet managed to climb up a tree and toward relative safety.

There was a minute's silence observed before the kickoff, but I was not sure who it was for.

Another 3x30 minute match, but unusually for a pre-season hit-out there was a full set of officials.

Overall a much more fluent demonstration of football than we've seen throughout the pre-season so far - or maybe our tidy finishing created the illusion of fluency?

One might be concerned with the way we conceded two quick goals to trail 2-1, but we also spurned chances and saw players sometimes attempt to do things on the lower percentage side of things, which you can do in pre-season but probably wouldn't like to do during the real stuff.

On the way back, one train connection worked better than another. So it goes.

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  1. Good hit out at a reasonable intensity. The people`s champ`s little give to the skipper for his goal was a cracker. Daley looks a handy type and young Josh Hodes is a player for the future.



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