Saturday, 7 January 2017

Hot Hot Heat - South Melbourne 5 North Geelong 1

Walking out of the house this morning and wondering why I was even bothering going out in the ridiculous heat, I could feel my left eye begin to get irritated, knowing that its light sensitivity was going to play havoc with whatever limited enjoyment I would get from watching whatever it was I intended to go watch.

But some people have it worse, in this case by actually being asked to go and play in that heat even if only for three bursts of thirty minutes apiece. Once more we fielded a strong lineup - the way the depth of the squad is looking, our second or less preferred XI would probably be none too shabby in its own right - and looked pretty good, at least from what I could make out from the occasional glances into the ultra brightness that I was able to make without wincing.

Anyway, from what people tell me, Luke Adams was apparently out there, and triallist Gavin De Niese managed to get on the field as well - thus far he's only been seen warming up on his way back from injury. It looks like there will be a couple of friendlies during the upcoming week, one on Wednesday and another on Saturday, so keep an eye out for those. There's also a trip to Wodonga coming up as well. Undecided about heading up for that one myself just yet.

There was also the matter of this fixture doubling up as a chance for people to donate to the fund to assist former NSL player David Cervinski, who is batting stage four melanoma. The crowd as you'd expect wans't huge, but their generosity was, and I thank them for that. I'm sure the club will put out a number for the total raised once they tally up what the players from both sides and South's directors chipped in as well.

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