Thursday, 5 January 2017

First friendly for 2017 this Saturday

This Saturday we're playing our first friendly for 2017, up against North Geelong at Lakeside. Kickoff is at 11:30. There will also be some fundraising via gold coin donation at the gate for David Cervinksi, who is battling stage four melanoma.

Arrivals and departures
We've re-signed Marcus Schroen, Michael Eagar and Tim Mala for 2017. We've also secured our goalkeeping stocks, with Nikola Roganovic and Zaim Zeneli also recommitting for 2017.

From the remainder of the 2016 squad, still up in the air (at least nominally) are the fates of Luke Adams, Andy Kecojevic and Leigh Minopoulos - maybe Stephen Hatzikostas as well considering that during the pre-season he has once again been riding his motorcycle chasing the horizon.

As per last time, the following players are known to be contracted for next season.
    Mathew Theodore has retired, or gone off on sabbatical. Oh, and we've added the departure of Manolo for the sake of completeness, even though he left during the 2016 season. Players who have officially left the club so far:


    1. Hang on, the club has been on farcebook this week spruiking Lujic and Norton "re-signing", but those two were already committed?

      1. It does seem that way, doesn't it?

      2. Minops re-signed too! Yay!

    2. I dare say Minopoulos, Adams, and Kecojevic have re-signed with the club as well.

      Once the British Centre Back arrives, that should be it pretty much.

    3. I'm interested in how we massage the PPS to get our tally at or under 200.


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