Sunday, 31 January 2016

Late January 2016 news and/or update

I couldn't make it up to Bendigo for the various games against Bendigo City last night. Seems like the men won 5-1 (Epifano x3, Schroen x2), and the women won 6-1.

Squad news
Forward triallist Velibor Mitrovic has gone to Kingston City in NPL2, having played there in the past.

Takis Mantarakis' funeral
Is on tomorrow (or Monday 1st February if you get to this late).

What exactly is South's relationship with Genova International School of Soccer and Morris Pagniello?
So it's a few months now since we announced our 'we're in a relationship or is that partnership or is that friends with benefits' deal with Real Madrid. Despite that passage of time, and even a tour to Spain by some of our junior teams, I don't recall ever being fully informed about what this relationship entails.

This is the case even as we've had a number of youth players achieve contracts in Spain over the past few months, including Spiros Stamoulis, Andrew Mesourouni, Josh Meaker and even under 20s coach Sasa Kolman. It seems as if most if not all of these have included the involvement of Morris Pagniello and his group Genova International School of Soccer, or 'GISS' for short. So what's our relationship with GISS?

It's a question that's sure to come up at the next AGM - if it actually ever happens (late February 2016, maybe) - but more to the point, why haven't the SMFC media team made as big a deal of it as they have with other, far more ephemeral news items (cough, A-League ambitions, cough)?  I am interested in particular in learning what the financial arrangement is between South and GISS, as well as whether or not it fits in with the idea of the NPL trying to get rid of academies.

We're seemingly not alone in working with GISS - GISS is also running clinics at Casey Comets and Bendigo City, the latter of whom I'm told have a coach there with connections to GISS, as well as interstate and has also transferred young players from a range of local clubs to overseas sides. But it's our involvement with GISS that I'm most concerned with. I'm sure it'll be an interesting story.

More match programmes!
Huge thanks to The Agitator who has sent us pdf files of match programmes from the 1992/93 season, as well as some later stuff from towards the end of the NSL era. Check out what we've uploaded so far.


  1. Web gets deeper, Maikousis son now plays at Bendigo seniors.
    And you missed another SMFC star player Mesourouni (Costa) being placed by GISS in Surope.

    1. Costa's the one at Avellino, yes? Assumed, but wasn't sure he was a South junior.

    2. Considering GISS' involvement with these overseas moves - and the recent junior tour of Spain - for these players, it seems strange to me that Pagniello/Genova only get one mention on, all the way back in July 2015, when the Real Madrid 'partnership' was announced.

      Also, the Mesourouni lad who ended up at Getafe, the announcement that was on seems to have disappeared from there

      Although you can still find the text of that press release on the 442 forum

      GISS itself doesn't seem to mind mentioning its connection with South, so why are the club so reticent to mention the connection with GISS?

    3. Its common knowledge that many clubs in Europe charge fee for service whereby players can train and play practice games with teams but not be part of actual club squads. All you need to do is check International Transfers to verify these GISS 'Contracts'. Hence Maybe STH does not want to endorse or publicise these private arrangements by posting official club announcements.

    4. Fair points, Anonymous.


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