Monday, 4 January 2016

A bitter and defeatist manifesto for supporting soccer in Australia

As a preface to the following missive - I was in a grumpy mood a few weeks or months ago (depending on when I finally decided to publish this), if you can imagine such a thing. I'm not even sure what in particular had set me off then, and there's no guarantee it was anything or anyone important. It's half thought out at best, but maybe that's the point, that a half thought out Australian soccer ideology is better than a fully thought out one, in that the latter implies you have all the answers. 

A bitter and defeatist manifesto for supporting soccer in Australia
I sort of like soccer, under certain variable conditions, with a probably tangible yet non-specific bias towards my club and the hope that it succeeds at the expense of other clubs, and on occasion even at the expense of the game as a whole, such as it exists in this country, and depending on how much flack I get for following a club such as this, often placed in categories by people who love categories for the sake of making categories, in order to position themselves as modern and the rest as recalcitrant. The rest is mere detail, and you may pick holes at you see fit. I care enough to have written this, but not so much that I am not weary of the debates, and the constant need to justify my stance.

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