Saturday, 12 December 2015

Two pre-Christmas friendlies

An early start for our pre-season hit-outs for next season. First up is an outing against Box Hill United at Lakeside this coming Wednesday at Lakeside (16/12), followed up by a visit to the Veneto Club against Bulleen on Monday (21/12).


  1. Being neither work nor play, the trial match is a turgid ordeal for all concerned. Two halves made into three parts, old faces and news performing an imitation of footballing life.

    Better not to watch and instead let the mind roam, as it will, onto remembering how to be social after two months away from people.

    At the end of the second stanza, the president jokes about going to the social club, and one can't find fault with such a flippant comment - whichever way you look at it, it's a massive joke. But as the old saying goes, τα πολλά γέλια τελειώνουν στα κλάματα.

  2. 1-1 last night at Bulleen. I wasn't there, due to both recovering from dilation of the eye, but also because the Veneto Club is located in the place that public transport forgot.

  3. Bulleen/Doncaster wogs .... the most transport averse people in the world!

    1. "The fortresses of the rich wogs on the hill are there not to keep the Australezo out, but to refuse entry to the uneducated-long-haired-bleached-blonde-no-money wog"

      Christos Tsiolkas, Loaded.


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