Saturday, 26 December 2015

Eight years of wielding my integrity like a chainsaw

OK, that's probably a bit far fetched, but the imagery is interesting.

Thanks to the following people.

Kiss of Death for another heavily truncated season.

Savvas Tzionis, for his article on re-finding South, and his many thoughtful comments.

Manny for contributing his bit on polygamy.

Peter Filopoulos for his look at being South Melbourne general manager in the 1990s.

Chris Egan for his article looking at the six years that passed since his last article.

Joe Gorman for his piece on the NCIP.

Our resident realist crowd estimator.

Cuddles for a certain photoshopped effort, and unsolicited intercession on my behalf.

Steve from Broady for the witch's hat artefact, but also for being a really good sport.

Brogan Renshaw for interviewing me on the Behind the Game podcast.

All those people whose photos I used this year, including Cindy Nitsos, Skip Fulton and Kevin Juggins.

Anyone who helped spread the word, tweeted, re-tweeted, and especially those who left comments. Special mentions to the irrepressible MelbCro and the always interesting Savvas Tzionis.

As per usual, anyone who gave me and Gains a lift to some place.

The good people at Football Today, who I should have thanked last year for their support.

Lastly, Ian Syson and Gains, the latter doubly so for pinch hitting with a match report when I couldn't make it.


  1. Thank Paul.

    Might inspire me to write a broader analysis over the holiday period. :)

  2. Well done on a great year! Here's to 2016!


  3. Thanks for the shout out Paul, always a pleasure to read your blog

  4. Just to warn you, Paul.

    I am currently reviewing my second piece and it WILL include TWO Gary Glitter references! He may have been before your time, but somehow he kept appearing at particular times in my life.


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