Thursday, 5 February 2015

South and Syson off to Adelaide. I'm not going. Not sure about Musa.

Tomorrow, as part of its somewhat peripatetic pre-season, South Melbourne Hellas will travel to Adelaide for the first time in 11 years. While over there, the team will play a game on Friday night against West Adelaide Hellas as a curtain raiser to what seems to be the SA version of the Super Cup, and will follow that up with a game against Adelaide Blue Eagles on Sunday.

As noted earlier, it's unfortunate that I won't be in Adelaide this week, but Ian Syson of the Neos Osmos blog will be there, and he may live blog one or both matches depending on his mood and other vagaries of the universe. If any body else ends up over there, or is even by random chance a local who just wants to do a quick (or lengthy) report, send us a note.

But what about James Musa?
Someone else apart from myself that may not be in Adelaide is James Musa. There are reports that the defender has left (or will leave) to pursue an offer in the United States, I'm guessing in the second tier. As Musa seems to rarely update his Facebook status, and nor has there been any news that I've been able to find on the rest of the relevant parts of the net (ie, Yellow Fever forums), so there's very little to go on, apart from:

  • an Smfcboard post from a source close to the team.
  • the fact that Musa didn't play at all during the friendly against Bulleen Lions last week, though our scout says there was nothing preventing him from doing so,
  • and one fan letting me know beforehand that 'we lost a key player to america - don't know who'.
 No news from the official South channels either, so I'm assuming this was not a planned move from anyone within the club.


  1. Most folk wouldn't consider missing a trip to Adelaide as an "unfortunate" event. Personally, I'm loving the prospect of staying in Melbourne this weekend.

    Sometimes you're a strange cat, SotB.

    1. After seeing Ian Syson's photo of a pie floater, I'm starting to think you're probably right, Anonymous.

    2. Anonymous internet posters are always right.


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