Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rough and Tumble - Richmond 1 South Melbourne 1

Lost it somewhere in the car park I reckon before I got to the game.

Very irritating.

Should have been a few more dished out for both teams. But Richmond went nuts last night, could have easily finished with less than the nine players they did. But considering the regime and culture we're located in, we should be surprised that they were punished at all. Anti-South backlash is in full swing on the forums, but that was expected. Actually relieved that we're on some sort of perch, no matter how flimsy, that people feel they need to knock us down from.

Kransky, good as per usual, made better with sauerkraut. Poppy seed cake. Fantastic. Should have taken a photo. Gains didn't like his, so I did a Steve from Broady and finished it off for him.

Goal Weekly
People still lament its print passing. Not that the FFV care.

Heinous in-joke chant
'There's only one Paul Mavroudis'

'There's only two Paul Mavroudis'

'We've got one Paul Mavroudis'

It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)
National Competitions Review should have been released by now. The word seems to that the Victorian Champions League will be scrapped and/or ,oved to winter, with one club from each zone picked to be the designated development club. Sounds farcical. Will wait and see what the truth of the matter is.

Old light tower for sale. For more details, contact Richmond. Photo: Gains

Richmond have new lights, and they're a definite improvement on the former set up, with the rolling mist proving less of a problem. If you're interested in purchasing the old set, for use say, on a training ground or local tennis court, contact Richmond. Not sure how much they're selling them for, but you'll need to organise pick up yourselves. They seem pretty robust, considering the kids jumping up and down on them last night didn't break them.

Thank you to Mark Boric for getting us copies of the VPL/WVPL 2011 yearbook. Strange sort of publication, in that it gets put out before the season has finished. Also thanks for the Rapid (defunct Hobart club) pins, very nice.

Neil Hamburger
What's the difference between the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Harriet Tubman? Well of course the great Harriet Tubman was a heroine to the slaves, while the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are slaves to heroin.

Next Week
Cup action, against Malvern. Will be interesting to see if any players are rested, few of them were left with black and blue legs.

Short Corners
Can't stand them.

Steve from Broady
'Dude I woke up this morning with a orange cone in my bed WTF'

Steven Topalovic (no love lost)
'We're not fickle, you're just shit'

'Topa, garden shed, Topa Topa, garden shed'

Walking the ball into goal
Enough already! Take a shot!

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