Friday, 6 April 2012

a minor passage

It was amazing, he decided, how things like sex and Hibs, which were nothing to him when he was on smack, suddenly became all-important. He speculated that his drug problems may be related to Hibs poor performances over the eighties.

- Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting


  1. This sounds very FFAish! Or dare I say, even NPLish!

    "Hibernian was founded in 1875 by Irish immigrants,[4] but support for the club is now based on geography rather than ethnicity or religion"

    1. Just a bit, yes. In Trainspotting (and in Filth, too) there is a clear sectarian/political basis to the support for Hearts or Hibs.

  2. This might explain it ..... "Even though Hibs were founded by Irish–Catholic immigrants, this connection to their sectarian origins has faded significantly in the Protestant dominated Edinburgh of the twentieth century"


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