Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fourth Round Cup Match Details

No league action this week. Probably for the best after the last couple of weeks.

Instead, this Sunday at the very special time of 12:30PM, we're making our 2012 entry into the Dockerty Mirabella Statewide Knockout Cup, against Malvern Stonnington Malvern.

As an apparent gesture of goodwill or out of guilt for moving two games away from there last season, including a final and the final match of the home and away season, the match will be at Northcote's John Cain Memorial Park.

And before anyone jumps off an internet forum ledge, yes, Lakeside was available, but the club thought it might be nice to try something a little different.

And by different, they mean being the first serving in a fourth round double header, as after our match, Northcote City will be taking on Morwell Pegasus at 3:00PM.

Hercules were originally drawn against Bulleen, but the Lions have pulled out. Don't know why, but the comments section is open for your speculation needs. I'll provide the first one as example to get you started.

I'm guessing that as per last year, your membership won't entitle you to entry to this game. Frankly, I don't care, as I have access to both an FFV season pass and a media pass.

Will we rest injured players? Will we give players like under 21 squad left winger Anthony Giannopoulos a run, even after he refused to come celebrate with your correspodent and his associates, after scoring from the penalty spot? Will Gianni De Nittis get a run,m and if he does, will cost us victory?

The last time we played Malvern in any sort of game was in one of those 70 minute farce matches in the 2012 Hellenic Cup. We won 3-0. The winner of this week's game will play the winner of the match between Port Melbourne and Yarraville. As one wit has already noted, it's like the Hellenic Cup all over again.

And isn't that something to look forward to.

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