Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Round 2 Highlights

The package and its presentation is coming along in leaps and bounds, a credit to the people working on it. Some other things you may notice.

  • You can clearly see a gentleman clad mostly in black on Clarendon Corner call the handball before everyone else does, including the lineswoman. I agree with him, it was a good call.
  • Johnny Sapasovski surely had to be a few metres offside for his run which eventually lead to a good save by Peter Zois.
  • Where are all the bad tackles by Bentleigh? Omitted in the interests of good taste is the only reasonable explanation.
  • Arthur Akritidis doing commentary in the background! Yes! Not gone, still around! Brilliant.
  • Gianni De Nittis seems to be in a decent state of mind despite only getting a point. Think he's on his way back.
  • David Lugli has a very itchy arm.

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