Monday, 8 March 2010

And then it rained all night - South 1 Greens 1

Now, I like to overreact as much as the next person, but the nonsense spewing forth already is rather silly. Yes it was disappointing to cop a goal in the manner we did, with so many unmarked players from a set piece - but pretty much every other ball they floated up or across into our area was cleared with relative ease.

As for not creating chances - as the game went on, we took over, even before they had Goutzioulis sent off, and it was just that bit of bad luck that the ball doesn't drop into the right spot which prevented us from getting an earlier lead, or perhaps a second. I would like to see a second striker, and for us to play with some more width - which did happen when we got on top, but stopped when we conceded. I don't want to have our heads go down when we concede.

The effort was there, especially Gianni De Nittis, a player I have criticised for his lack of effort in the past two or so seasons. Sam Torrens provided some good drive on the left, despite getting little protection from the referees. Our central defence was strong. At times, especially the first 30 or so minutes, we struggled to control the central midfield. But I thought that overall, if either team deserved maximum points, it was us.

As for the penalty. I instinctively went up for he handball, but wasn't sure if it was in the box. Only the video can possibly clear that up, really.

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