Thursday, 7 March 2013

Friendly against Pascoe Vale on Saturday

Our next friendly will be against Pascoe Vale at 3:00 this Saturday, on Altona Magic's side of Paisley Park. We might well get a better idea of where we'll be at this season. But then again, we might not.

Bit of a shame to be missing out on a Dockerty Cup tie somewhere in the burbs, but South always comes first, doesn't it?


  1. 3-0 loss. Pascoe Vale fitter than Malvern, and hungrier for 50/50 contests - here's hoping that we were keeping something in reserve on that front.

    Pascoe Vale already have the requisite VPL physicality down pat. Also play a nice, basic game plan (though not long ball oriented) and should be written off at your peril.

    Gavalas, geez, I'm just not convinced. But then again Sardelic also showed a glimpse of why he didn't last at South.

    Alan Kearney seemed to get hurt, not sure how serious the damage is, if it's serious at all.

  2. Also, good work on failing to win at Paisley Park, again.


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