Saturday, 10 November 2018

Yet another off-season placeholder post

Not much going on at the moment, but it's up to you to decide if that's any cause for alarm. Maybe they're trying to keep it all hush-hush so other teams don't come in and swoop on recruits.

With other teams making announcements on signings, it's natural to get antsy about what it is we're doing or not doing, especially since a player like Oakleigh's Dusan Bosnjak - someone who, even if there was no firm intel that he was heading our way, would still seem like a good fit, and thus his eventual whereabouts the natural preserve of rumourmongers - has signed at Altona Magic. So it goes.

Last week Con Tangalakis was on 3XY Radio Hellas' sports program last week, but I only found this out later, via the South forum, where someone posted a screengrab of a tweet that had been sent to his phone by someone else, with the original tweet coming from SMFCMike. So thanks to Mike for listening and providing the summary, while some of us were listening to jazz noodling on community radio.

So that's Gerrie Sylaidos, and two visa players. Meanwhile, another person has said that we have signed a defender. So, not up to the bare minimum of the seven players required to start a match, but we're getting there.

Of more genuine concern is that when the 2019 fixture gets released, we'll have another ridiculous run of away games to start the season, followed by an equally ridiculous run of home games. So that's something to look forward to.


  1. The 2019 fixture appears to have been removed from the NPL website.

    Having said that, I believe the season starts a week or two earlier than last year, so there is not reason why we cannot have a home game to start with.

  2. Rumour has it that we are playing Bentleigh away at Kingston Heath in the opening round of the 2019 season.

    If there are any athletics events and pitch maintenance works in February, we could be facing our first home match in April at the earliest.

    A poor run of results away from home and we could be facing crowds of no more than 250, and already out of contention for the minor premiership.

    Have the powers to be at SMFC not learnt their lesson from the 2018 season?

  3. Any idea why there is no word yet from the club about the 2019 senior men's team? Who is in? who is out? Will we even field a team in this year's league?

    Why the complete silence? Are we still waiting for the A-League "Golden Ticket"to show up in our next souvlaki wrapper?

    Looks like, yet again, the women's team is far better organised.

    I was at a baptism yesterday and had an elderly Hellas acquaintance try and convince me that I should 100% vote liberal in the coming state election BECAUSE the state labour government has promised Heidelberg a further 1.5 million towards improvements at OV and on top of that the Dandenong A-League bid would get through if labour won.. hahahahah I thought that was hilarious


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