Friday, 11 May 2018

Looking for guest match reporter for Monday night

Owing to a very necessary medical appointment due to take place on Monday afternoon through to the evening - my one working retina is playing funny buggers again - South of the Border is looking for a guest match reporter for Monday night's game against Kingston. My usual fall-back position in these situations is to ask Gains to do it, but he won't be at the game either.

The prerequisites are minimal:

  • Be at the game.
  • Pay attention to some of it.
  • Note any and all ridiculous happenings.
  • Avoid obviously libellous comments.
If no one decides to do it, I'll just have to listen to the radio broadcast - provided there is one - and write something based on that. If you'd like to do the match report, contact me at Cheers.


  1. Kimon Trimboli14 May 2018 at 11:25

    Sorry Paul, I would have loved to have a crack at this but Im not making my way out to Clarinda tonight ... not sure many people will, to be honest.
    Hope your medical malaise gets sorted out soon, I always look forward to your take on the matchday shenanigans.

    Perastika sou.

    1. Thanks KT, a few people have put hand up to write something, and I'm going to put them all up provided their submissions are semi-coherent.

      The appointment was for Monday or Tuesday, and I had to make a decision - go to Kingston, or go to the PFA conference thing - and somewhat uncharacteristically, I decided against the South game, as I figured there'd be a radio stream for the game, but who would cover the history conference? Priorities are a bit messed up I know.

  2. Kimon Trimboli14 May 2018 at 11:49

    Stay gold Ponyboy :)


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