Thursday, 24 May 2018

A-League bid news that you won't be surprised by

Normally I'd just wait until after the weekend's match in order to just lump this kind of news in with everything else, but this is kinda momentus, whether you believe in this particular cause or not, or whether you think we even have a chance.

It does say a lot about me that this is what I immediately thought of when I saw the original tweet:
Attention. This is President Athanasakis, your president, with a message from the president's office.
Anyway, yes we have submitted an expression of interest for the A-League's expansion program. The board said they would, you wanted them to - well, at least most of you, probably - so they've gone ahead and done it, complete with a hundred page bid document. No word though on whether the bid document is double-spaced, is in the form of a double-sided print job, is presented in a suitable font, nor whether the referencing and citations are up to scratch.

By Zeus, I hope they remembered to put their name and student number in the header and on the title page.

In the announcement there's reiteration of how awesome we were (and my god, we were indeed awesome), how that past awesomeness doesn't matter nowadays (and my word, how much does it not matter), and the steps we've put in place to become awesome again (I'll need to see the bid document for myself to verify those claims).

More to come "towards the end of June". Not that any of that matters.


  1. Kimon Trimboli25 May 2018 at 10:43

    I would also like to see the bid document. Did you go to the members forums last night Paul, was anything of note discussed?
    I have the usual reservations about just acquiring an A-League licence and what that would mean to the identity and structure of Hellas. I would prefer (as has been thrown around before) that we focus on becoming a foundation member of any proposed national second division and then playing our way to the top. Gives us a chance to easy into it so to speak.
    Anyway, exciting few months ahead. I even had a crack at writing an A-League style 'Active Support' chant for when we play MV at Lakeside for the first round of 2019-20. hahahah I know I'm delusional but fuck it I thought it was funny at the time....
    (Sung to the tune of "She'll be coming round the mountain" or "Tinous eine vre gynaika ta paidai" for our Greek friends)
    "Do they still call you the Victory when you loose?
    Do they still call you the Victory when you loose?
    As your dreams go up in smoke
    Cos your clubs a fuckin joke
    Do they still call you the Victory when you loose?"

    Hahahahahah go easy on the literary criticism -I'm a fragile soul. hahahahha

    1. I did go to the members forum, but unfortunately I'm limited in what I can and can't say. But more on that in the next match report post.

    2. "lose", not "loose".

      Apologies for the pedantry, but if we're going to make fun of other teams let's make sure we're not embarrassing ourselves in the process.


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