Wednesday, 27 September 2017

FFA Cup semi-final date set

By now most of you will have come across the news that our FFA Cup semi-final against Sydney FC has been set down for Wednesday October 11th at Lakeside. That's just two weeks away!

As noted in FFA's press release, this date was not originally one of the two options on the table - they being the 18 and 24th or some such - but due to Lakeside availability issues, we've been planted onto an earlier week.

Good news on two fronts then: first, that Nick Epifano won't miss the game due to overseas travel, and second, this whole thing will be over just that little bit earlier. Unless we win, of course.

The not so good news... it gives the club a week's less time to prepare. It's going to be difficult to sort out the ticketing situation, catering for a possible function, allocating space in the social club and everything else that goes with a marquee fixture like this on a skeleton crew.

What I hope for is the following:
  • Members to be granted free entry as stipulated on the membership brochure.
  • Everyone else - especially bandwagoners - to be fleeced to within an inch of what's allowable, and hopefully beyond what's ethical.
  • Both gates open for regular punters to enter and exit the venue.
  • The social club being open only to social club members, especially if the futsal court is not going to be converted to a public space for the event.
  • No half 'n' half scarves.
Apart from that, we wait for the ticketing details to be sorted out, and occupy ourselves with other things during this netherworld of being neither in season or out.


  1. Or read this very poor article.

    1. I could only manage to skim about halfway through before running away in fear.

    2. Can someone ask these South "supporters" to proof read and fact check their sh!t before they publicly embarrass us all by their association???

      There are some very solid and genuine arguments for a South bid to be considered/accepted. Use those arguments, not sh!t that is torn to shreds under the slightest scrutiny.

    3. That ship sailed out of port over a decade ago. Like you said, there are good arguments for a South bid, just as there are good arguments against it, but the majority of the debate is surface level, emotional dribble.

  2. Fingers are crossed all your hopes (which fit nicely with mine) are fulfilled.

  3. If forum chatter is to be believed, tickets will be available from Monday.

  4. Also, while I'm not exactly dreading it per se, it will be interesting to see the spread of old merchandise from people that haven't been to one of our games for a while.

  5. Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that we members will be charged entry for this match? If the situation with the Bentleigh match is any indication, its just another example of the membership benefits not being honoured. Makes you think what is the point of purchasing a membership !

  6. 'Unless we win'

    Which highlights the absurd situation should that occur.

    One game in two and a half months.

    What sort of stupid competition is this?

  7. I see Bill P spruiking again. On SBS World Game website.

    But he made sense this time!

    1. Finally something I can agree with Bill P on.

      Love his enthusiasm in general but a lot of what he tends to spruik isn't in line with general South fan sentiment

  8. Its Monday evening, and we still dont know when tickets will go on sale !

    We're ready for A League ..... NOT !

    1. It's a fucking joke. And the board want a big crowd to come, get stuffed.
      I actually don't mind a small crowd because at least that way Bill P can shut up and the rest of the board can get off their high horse

    2. Additionaly I'm sure the cub will find another way to stuff up the event, god knows no one can enter Lakeside when our board is contolling it.


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