Friday, 8 September 2017

With apologies for rehashing a bad joke I made on Twitter

As you may have seen on the club's official site, the club is going to be holding an information session at the social club this Tuesday. As per the web link:
South Melbourne FC would like to welcome all of its members for a special club information session at the 1959 Bar & Grill on Tuesday 12th September. 
The session will aim to allow the Board of Directors to engage with its members, while being able to receive feedback regarding many areas of the club at this point in time. This includes the use of the Social Club and Futsal centre. 
The information session will also give members an opportunity to raise any issues and concerns with the Board of Directors. 
Furthermore, the club has numerous ideas to engage supporters for the FFA Cup match on the Gold Coast, many of which will be discussed on the night. 
SMFC Members Information Session
Tuesday September 12th
1959 Bar & Grill @ Lakeside Stadium
Commences at 6.30pm.
I welcome initiatives like this - frankly, I don't think an AGM is enough in terms of member engagement with the running of the club - and I am interested to see what comes out of it. I suppose it does provide the chance for the club to make some money from the bar and kitchen as well. It could be worse - they could've limited their fan engagement to the time they'd be trapped on a plane up to the Gold Coast with pleb fans.


  1. Member forums like this need to happen regularly, perhaps even quarterly. They establish a greater sense of community and benefit for Social Club revenue.

    An AGM provides a formal environment to execute motions but the real issues are addressed behind the scenes where they can be properly discussed. The list of AGM questions on the forum need to be put forward at this meeting, at the very least so the board has enogh time to prepare an answer for the AGM.


  2. You really have a disdain for "Hoi Polloi" Paul, We plebs care about our beloved Hellas as much as the intelligentsia you know :oP.

    I think its a great initiative by the club to engage with the membership base this way. Unfortunately work commitments will keep me away tomorrow night but if you are not averse to playing a somewhat ambassadorial role perhaps I can offer my queries?
    1) Will the social club be open and streaming the game for those who can't travel to Gold Coast?
    2) Can the Footsal court be opened up and made part of the Social Club dining area with temporary tables and chairs when it is not being used - thinking that if we do get an A-League Semi Final the demand for this would be huge.


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