Monday, 26 December 2016

Nine years of people visiting to see if they've been defamed

There were many times this year where I thought the blog was not up to scratch, but that may very well be just your typical self-absorbed writer's self-loathing cry for attention and validation.

And when I look back on the year that was, there were still some good pieces in there, two of which - the Victory brawl post, and the A-League expansion bid musings post - managed to get into this blog's all time top ten list in terms of hits.

Anyway we're nine years in -  and I do include South of the Border's audience in this - and I have no intention of stopping. Next year promises to be an interesting one for the club on many levels, as well as for me personally, but we'll cross those bridges when we come to them.

For now, thanks to the following people:

Foti for helping organise and circulate the petition calling for an EGM early this year. Strange how the AGM managed to be announced within five minutes of the end of that round 1 game.

The Agitator, for providing many South Melbourne match programmes, both from home and away fixtures. Also Mark Boric, Gav, Chris Egan and JJ75. for sharing parts of their own collections. I will try harder to catch up on the massive backlog of stuff that I have borrowed from people.

Joe Gorman for prompting me to go through a trawl of the blog's archives, and for recognising the value of the kinds of stuff I'm looking at for my thesis.

Kon for sending in his memories of a now former house, which prompted some good discussion on Garvey's Baby Blues.

Savvas Tzionis for his piece on what's going on in New South Wales.

Vin Maskell for putting up a version of my last day at Chaplin Reserve piece on his Scoreboard Pressure site.

Shoot Farken for publishing my review of Nuts! (nothing to do with soccer, but a film worth seeing if you can.)

Supermercado for providing the 'People's Champ' moniker.

Mark Bosnich for actually following through with his promise to meet with myself and Pave Jusup. Sorry for the folks at home, but as it was a private conversation, details will not be posted here.

Football Today for retweeting the odd post.

Anyone else who contributed artefacts.

Anyone I stole photos from.

Everyone who voted for Lucas Neill.

Everyone who left comments.

Everyone who shared this stuff on Twitter.

Everyone who gave me and Gains a lift somewhere, including Shouty Mike.

Matthew Klugman, Ian Syson, and Gains.

And Peter Kokotis, if you are out there somewhere, can you please finally send me a copy of that photo of Yarra Park Aias? Thanks.

The things you find when you google yourself.


  1. Paul

    My congratulations to you for the great work you do, keeping us up to date with the news around SMFC. It is very much appreciated by this reader.

    As Steve Jobs had once said "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do".

    1. Thanks for that sentiment, Anonymous, I still love what I do, and that's the purest form of motivation I can think of.

  2. Well done on the nine year milestone. It's always a highlight to a day when there is a new post up, not everyone reading is concerned they may be defamed.

    1. Fun fact, I've only been officially threatened with libel once for stuff published here.

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary paul.
    Heres a crazy factoid to end the year.
    SMFC will be upping the memberships to $250 for season 2017.
    No membership, no social club entry. Including on matchdays !
    You read it here first.

    1. I actually dont mind the no membership no social club entry policy if true.

      $250 a bit steep though.

    2. Even on matchdays ?

    3. Rumour File, wouldn't restricted access apply to "matchdays only"?

      If a third party is operating the social club as a bistro, the doors will need to be open to as many punters as possible outside of matchdays.

  4. If we were in the A League id say yes just to ensure there is no overcrowding and ensure proper security. Im a bit 50/50 on that while in the NPL but again from the clubs perspective it might end up being a legal issue if something bad were to happen with opposition supporters.
    There must be reasons why.

    I'll be buying a membership regardless so obviously it wont affect me.

    1. Edit: that was in response to rumour file

    2. Overcrowding ? are you serious ?
      I have never been to a social club that restricts use due to overcrowding. The other social clubs have pokies, and just require you to sign up as a visitor. SMFC will want a membership or no entry ?

      They're fucken jokers if they think this will work. Restricting the income the social club can make is all this will do.

      If this is true, I want to know which board member came up with this hairbrained idea.

    3. Anonymous. You must be one of those board plebs.
      Most likely a wanna be "moron off the street".

    4. Now I've not been involved at club level since the VPL ended, but I have read several times that NPL clubs are supposed to offer a meal to opposition senior teams after games. If that's true, not sure how South will meet this obligation now you have a social club you won't let people in to.

      Even giving passes is not adequate, some players have family and mates they like to catch up with after a match, will they be forced to wait outside the gates like unwanted scum?

      It's a bit hard to take claims of being inclusive and welcoming seriously after several years of being told to fuck off from the venue seconds after the final whistle already.

    5. It seems KOD is another muppet with selective vision. I'll buy you some glasses to read better with.
      Only morons jump to conclusions when the rest are speculating.

    6. Lol. Morons are they who wanted to introduce the $250 membership to restrict access to a small social club and raise funds for the 450k shortfall. Obviously off the street morons wanting to be on the board.

  5. My limited mail is that the '$250' membership will be for the social club level of membership. The club has stated that priority for social club access on match days will be given to social club members.

    As for everything else regarding access, service etc, I'll wait until the club comes out with packages and format before jumping to any conclusions.

  6. Belated thanks also to Ben Lisson of ABC TV for putting me on national TV for three seconds earlier this year to talk about flares.

  7. Congrats Paul,
    Still love hopping on and having a read all these years later.

    - Billy Nats

  8. Still, the people's voice after all these years. Congratulations Paul and thank for always providing a thought provoking read.

  9. I'm a parent of one of the SMFC Juniors.
    Two Questions - Does our membership for match days cover the social club?
    Is the social club Under 16 entry or does an adult have to accompany a child?

    1. I don't know the answer to either of those questions. Like most of our people, I'm waiting for the club to release information on all things membership and social club for 2017. I'm loathe to speculate on these matters beyond being informed that there will be a social club level of membership, and that on busy days social club members will get priority to use the social club.

      Capacity will be around the 220-260 mark, and I believe the club is going to use a card with bar code system in order to regulate entry and exit.


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