Thursday, 15 December 2016

Disheveled pre-season report - South Melbourne 3 Kingston City 1

Wednesday night, we had a hit-out with Kingston City, we scored three goals, they scored one. There's talk that A-League mercenary Nick Ward has been seen around the joint, along with such names as Andreas Govas and Gavin De Niese, the latter of whom has been sprinting up and down the athletics track as part of getting back into the swing of things. And people criticise Lakeside having an athletics track!

Our next pre-season match seems to be against Brunswick City on this Saturday at 11:00, at the Clifton Park synthetic pitch located in between Victoria and Albert Streets. Of course, if this turns out not to be true, you can't hold me entirely responsible. Just to make sure at least one of us looks like an idiot, I'll be heading out that way.

Some other stuff that happened? We signed a couple of players that are ex-Brisbane Roar youth. Both are midfielders. The initial report that Mathew Theodore may have retired is apparently premature, and apparently it's only a sabbatical.

The fixtures got released. Lots of away games to start the season. What's that about I wonder? Anyway, I've added them to the 2017 fixtures tab. Monday night public transport trip out to The Grange, hip hip hooray.

Oh, and I will try and get an AGM preview of sorts up some time I hope by Monday evening. It's not only that I'm totally strapped for time (if we believe in the nonsense human idea that time actually exists, and even more importantly that it matters; look, my el cheapo watch broke or something a while back and I no longer wear it, so now people can't make fun of my mannerism where I shake out my wrist from my sleeve to check the time and instead they can focus on my habit of not smiling which is sometimes deliberate and sometimes not and that other habit I have where I push my glasses up from my nose, hahahaha), but also because I am totally over this AGM business already, yes me who always looks forward to it, me who was part of a duo collecting signatures earlier this year to make the last overdue one actually happen.

Look, there's a lot to discuss on that front, and I need to get my head around it.

Also, there's about 20 seats allocated for carers of disabled persons at the bottom of our grandstand. Not sure if that should be added to the final seating tally, but worth nothing that they are there.

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