Monday, 28 November 2016

Ten more South rumours I'm starting just for the hell of it

Many years ago I came up with ten South rumours just for the hell of it. Apart from the usual suspects, few read them. In that spirit then I present ten more South rumours just for the hell of it.
  1. A single post on smfcboard can slay an entire A-League licence bid in one fell swoop.
  2. A South Melbourne Hellas A-League team would not cannibalise support from other Melbourne A-League teams.
  3. South Melbourne Hellas needs more Greeks.
  4. The Cros can no longer access smfcboard.
  5. My enemies list is not made up of people who choose to merely 'like' instead of re-tweeting my posts on Twitter.
  6. I did not recently re-discover a photo I took of a whiteboard upon which the South Melbourne Hellas board was doing rough sums, during the period we were looking to take over Central Coast Mariners. 
  7. The South Melbourne Hellas social club will be ready in 2017.
  8. A Twix from a Victoria University vending machine is a totally healthy and legitimate breakfast option.
  9. I am SMFCMike.
  10. Blogging about South Melbourne Hellas provides me with a lucrative income, as well as access to fringe benefits such as invites to exclusive yacht parties, with like, um, super-models and stuff. 


  1. 11. South Melbourne is a front for the illuminati

    1. Or are the Illuminati a front for South Melbourne?

    2. Can you confirm that George Soros is the main financial backer of the South bid?

  2. 12. The People's Champ is behind the a-league bid.

  3. 13. Loukoumades and souvs to be banned at A League matches.


    1. 14. It will be compulsory for ethnic clubs to serve nothing but ethnic food. Hot chips will result in a fine.

  4. 15. George Donikian to MC our games if we get into A League

  5. 16. SMFC A league team to "represent" the South East Melbourne corridor - will play out of a 45K rectangular stadium being built at Sandown racecourse by the "Stamoulis Gang" and the official FFA sanctioned supporters group will be called the "Apex Avengers"

  6. 17. Postecoglou to walk away from socceroos and take the head coach position of SMFC A-League team....and win our 5th National title in our first season.

  7. 18. Machlas to come out of retirement and become our marquee signing.


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