Sunday, 21 February 2016

Round 1 match day information

A few quick notes on today's match.

For those going to the game
Membership collection: The club has stated that memberships will be available for collection at the ground from 4pm onwards.

Ticketing: As Ticketmaster is apparently no longer in charge of ticketing arrangements at Lakeside, the club should have more flexibility in its ticketing arrangements on match days. This should mean that the club will have pre-printed tickets available throughout the season, making the tedious queues that occurred during more popular games of the past few seasons more bearable. Of course the best way to beat the queues and help the club is to buy a membership, but we all hope this season's ticketing system will make it more attractive for more casual, neutral and opposition fans to attend Lakeside.

Discounted entry: South is offering a two for one deal for this match, in this case two adult tickets for $10, on presentation of the relevant voucher,

No social club: For those looking for a bite to eat or something to drink before the game, my understanding is that The Limerick Arms, now a club sponsor, will be providing discount food and drink for South fans.

For those not going to the game
Radio broadcast, English: There will be an online radio broadcast of the match - at this address or search "MFootball" in the Mixlr App.

Radio broadcast, Greek: For those who prefer Greek language commentary, 3XY will be doing their own broadcast on radio frequency 1422AM, as well as via online streaming at TuneIn.

For those following the game online
Twitter: FFV will no longer be providing score updates for NPL matches via Twitter. Instead their new account @FFV365 will be re-tweeting items from all Victorian matches based upon whatever clubs (in this case @smfc or @hufcwarrior) or media people tweet themselves.

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