Wednesday, 21 January 2015

2015 Asian Cup adventure - Day 6 - Meh

This was a fairly tedious affair, regardless of some of the quality of players at Japan's disposal. Due to their loss against Iraq, it was a long shot that Jordan would be able to qualify - they would have have to outdo whatever result Iraq was to get against Palestine, and with the overly cautious attitude they came out with, even a workmanlike rather than impressive Japanese side could do the business, even with a couple of disallowed goals. There were times when Japan tried to reinvent the wheel - Honda's awful second half freekick the most notable example - but the few times Jordan got forward, they either dithered or failed to apply the appropriate finishing touch. To their credit, the Jordanians were more expansive during the second half, but I guess they needed to be anyway. It was a relief to me that they were, because it made the second half easier to watch, what with the Japan supporting family constantly leaning forwards to block my view of the north end, and the mother(?) taking many happy snaps of many inconsequential passages of play. The Jordanian end seemed to be made up of a lot of A-League fans having a bit of a laugh, and obviously quite bored in that tried to rip Mexixan wave after Mexican wave; and when the people on the clockwise side had had enough, they switched to going counter-clockwise. Later at Flinders Street, one could overhear some crazy woman having a dumb argument with someone who may well have been Melbourne public transport's famous(?) homeless rapper.

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