Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Calculator artefact Wednesday - Kimon Taliadoros, Playmaker of the Month

This was sourced from Australian soccer historian and Hellas fan Damian Smith. Two things about this image. Firstly, I've been waiting for a suitable time to put it up, but let's be honest, there was probably never going to be a suitable moment. Secondly, I have next to no idea what the context of this photo is. Is there an article attached? More photos? What kind of Greek is that hairless? Will Kimon use the excuse 'that he was young and needed the money'? And perhaps most importantly, does Kimon still own that tie?

This seems like a good note to sign off on for 2014. Apart from a couple more posts - one a book review, the other my annual thanksgiving post - that's it this year from me. Unless of course, something really stupendously amazing happens - like going broke, or getting into the A-League - and even then I'd probably wait until the new year.


  1. Think we all need a rest after this installment.

  2. I think you will find that kimon actually has African heritage in addition to greek, either way the point still stands.

    1. Thanks for that. I was aware that Kimon was born in South Africa, but not about the African heritage.

  3. I may have that wrong then, apologies.


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