Friday, 26 September 2014

Details for this week's game against North East MetroStars

Since the Kiss of Death is on its usual second half of the season hiatus, and I haven't bothered with match previews for a while now - and anyway, I know almost nothing about our opponents this week - so this is just a quick post to sum up what's happening this week.

We're playing in an NPL national playoffs semi-final against South Australia's North Eastern MetroStars. It's at Lakeside, this Sunday at 3:00pm. Your 2014 South membership will not get you into this match, and I assume by extension neither will your FFV season pass should you have one of those - I'm not sure about FFV media passes though.

The tickets seem to be a little bit more expensive than the usual NPL Victoria gate prices, but how often will we get to play in a game of this relative importance? It took eight years just to win the state title.

Even if there isn't a massive crowd at the game, the ticket printing system at the gate at Lakeside can be painfully slow, so it's worth considering using the Ticketmaster site to pre-purchase your ticket.

If for whatever reason you can't make it, FFV will be broadcasting the game both on a radio stream as well as internet video stream.

Regardless, for those that can make it to the game, I hope to see you there to hopefully see our boys get us to the final.

The match will also serve as the first part of a Lakeside double header, with the South Melbourne women's team also playing for a spot in the WVPL grand final, against Bulleen, the team that vanquished them in the recent cup final. That game is due to start at 6:00pm. I know they're not part of our fine organisation at this present moment (hopefully one day soon), but depending on the mood after our match, I may end sticking around for that game as well.

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