Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Social club artefact Wednesday - Steve Blair caricature, by Jerry Davies

You know, while pondering what to add next for this series, I did a search on the blog and found just one reference to Steve Blair, a throwaway comment in an article about some old Neos Kosmos English Weekly articles I uploaded early last year. Well it was surely time to start rectifying that discrepancy by uploading this photo I took of a caricature of Blair from 1992 by an artist named Jerry Davies, of whom I know nothing. It lead me to do a general search to see what Blair has been up in recent times, and found that he is now in player management. His website isn't very good, but the photo section is just incredible A lot of great photos from his lengthy South Melbourne career (sadly none that I could see from his stint as general manager), but also from his Socceroos and Victorian junior team stints, but perhaps rarest of all, photos from his early days playing soccer in the western suburbs with the old Albion Rovers. Best of all, a lot of the photos are in colour. You can check out the collection here.

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