Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Social Club Artefact Wednesday - Scandinavian Junior Cup 1966

A trophy of unknown provenance: the 1966 Scandinavian Junior Cup, probably won
by South Melbourne Hellas. Behind it, a Victorian Womens Soccer Association
award, and a Club World Championship licence plate. Photo: Paul Mavroudis.
Can someone, anyone, tell us about the provenance of this trophy? I mean, yes we can ascertain that it says 'Scandinavian Junior Cup', and yes we can see that there's a year on it, that being 1966, and yes we can see that our name is on there. Is it safe to assume that we won? From the limited asking around that I've been able to do - and unfortunately, most of the people I've asked from that era have no idea about this trophy - it was not an overseas junket (how cool would that have been?), but rather some sort of local tournament, probably organised by a local club. But to what does the 'Scandinavian' part of the trophy actually refer to? At the present time, there are no answers, but if anyone has information, we'd love to hear it. it does make me think though, that when we eventually get around to building the new museum area for the social club, the least we could is to give some of these old trophies a good polish, because a few of them looked a little bit worse for wear at the time of packing them away.


  1. Greeeeaaaat. Forum fodder for that spamming farkwit to add to his Cup thread.

  2. Maybe the name of a sponsor that is now long gone? Perhaps someone thought it would make their junior tournament sound classy by adding a random word like 'Scandinavian'? Or maybe it was a cup hosted by Melbourne's massive but fiercely nationalistic Icelandic community?


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