Wednesday, 18 June 2014

'What could possibly go wrong?' Artefact Wednesday - South vs Preston 2005 security plans

Earlier this year, fellow blogger Supermercado tweeted this image. It's the crowd management plan for the 2005 South Melbourne vs Preston Lions match at Lakeside.

Now I don't want to judge, as I wasn't involved with the security arrangements (can you imagine such a thing!), and I wasn't even at the game. But my mail suggests that not all those who were involved with planning for that day were in agreement with the final plan. Apparently some people in the planning committee were even of the belief that Preston fans didn't care about this match, and wouldn't come in numbers.

Anyway, the net result of the game was another episode of SOCCER SHAME, as well as Network Ten Adelaide newsreader and then South president (now apostate) George Donikian getting hammered by Media Watch. Oh, and massive fines, good behaviour bonds, locked out games for several years and the shedding of thousands of fans almost overnight. At least the folks on smfcboard got the 'what else we can do' meme out of it.


  1. My Goodness, I really was out of the loop in the years I was not attending. I have very little memory of this episode.

    Maybe this was the final straw for some fans, who, with a new national league imminent, jumped ship?

    As for those hoodlums, where are they now?! They try to destroy our club and then abandon it?

    Poor George. Maybe I should go easier on him on Facebook. LOL

    As for Kym Wells comment about the riot not being about Soccer, but about Racial issues. Hmmmm.... A League anyone?

    Savvas Tzionis

  2. If only I could find my plan for that day. the person who did this one was an idiot.

  3. Nothing like going back through your own personal tag to see some INCREDIBLE slop that you've written in the past.


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